Baby Name Series: Traditional Names Not In The Top 100

Today’s baby name topic is Traditional Names! Traditional names usually seem quite the popular option for most parents. However some can be overly popular. So if you like traditional names but want something that not ever other child has, this list is for you!

Here’s a list of names that didn’t quite make the top 100!


  • EdithThis girls name is a super pretty traditional name and uncommon at the moment. So uncommon it didn’t even hit the top 1000 names!
  • Dorothea – Dorothea is cute for a little girl! You can shorten it to Dorothy or Thea! The name also has a lovely meaning ‘gift of god’
  • Bessie – Bessie is a good choice if you want your girl to be the only one in school. This name is in the top 8000! The nickname Bess also sounds super cute.
  • Darcy – This name is one of my favourite names that I’d actually consider using for a girl. It’s pretty and not overly used anymore. It’s in the top 2000.
  • Harriet – Harriet is a lovely girls name and often classed as a sophisticated name. It’s an alternative to Henry if you love that name but have a girl instead. It’s also in the top 2000 so again super unpopular but still a lovely traditional choice.
  • Maggie – Maggie is a sweet traditional name for a girl and actually becoming more popular! It’s currently in the top 200!
  • Pearl – I love this name! Its cute and unpopular ranking in the top 500. I’ve also just noticed I’ve mentioned both of Louise Pentlands Kids in this blog post so far, can you tell I’m a fan? I must admit she has a good taste in baby names!
  • Ingrid – a lovely traditional name that’s died out hugely over the years.Ranking in the top 1000s.
  • Matilda – A sweet sounding name for a powerful girl. Matilda is currently ranked in the top 500s. I mean who wouldn’t want to be named after a fab Roald Dahl Character. The nickname ‘Tilly’ is cute too.
  • Anastasia – A sophisticated and strong traditional name. It can be shorten to ‘Annie’ or ‘Anna’ . Currently ranked at 200!


  • Arthur – A strong and classic traditional boys name. Also used in the royal family. Currently ranked in 200s
  • Augustus – Another A name but Augustus is Traditional and lovely. Especially if your a fan of ‘The fault in our stars’ plus Gus is a good nickname.
  • Lionel – A lovely boys name and a good alternative to ‘Leo’ if your wanting a more ‘grown up’ name that you can shorten. Lionel is currently ranked at 500.
  • FrancisFrancis has died out over the years so a good choice for a traditional name that’s not over popular. Also the nickname ‘Frankie’ is super cute.
  • Vincent – A strong boys name that isn’t too popular. The nickname ‘Vinnie’ is nice alternative too. This name is currently ranked in top 200s.
  • ReginaldA sophisticated unpopular traditional boys name meaning ‘king’. Reginald is a good option if you love the name ‘Reggie’ and looking for the full version of the name. This name is currently ranked in 500s.
  • TobiasA cute boys name, that can be shortened to Toby. This name has become more unpopular over the years. Currently ranked at 400
  • Bradley – Another traditional name that has become unpopular over the years is Bradley. It’s a cute name and currently ranked at 300.
  • Brandon – Currently ranked in the 300s also is Brandon. Another forgotten about traditional boys name.
  • Oscar – Oscar is super cute name , it is becoming more popular over the years but it’s not overly used just yet. Oscar is ranked in top 300s.

Any names that’s you love from the list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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