The Second Trimester : Half Way Mark!

28th January

Today I got woken up with a smack in the face. Wouldn’t mind but Logan woke both of us with kisses yesterday, now we’re getting smacked. He’s so unpredictable.

He been pretty tough today with he’s moods, definitely having a growth spurt I think! He’s tired and moody yet he’s had 12 hours sleep.

Today my mum came to visit and brought over Logan’s cot and some other bits and bobs. Was lovely to see her.

Logans room is all finished now which makes me super happy, I hated using his travel cot as I struggled to place him in his cot every night.

Today has been a struggle with tiredness however and I feel pretty ill, so early night for me. Kinda.

29th January

Today is a bedbound day, I’ve woken up and feel dreadful. I’m so tired, feel sick but not actually been sick and I’m aching everywhere.

Hoping this passes.

Not really done much today and Jonny has looked after Logan all day, I did however try to get a bath with him but as I got in I noticed he was doing his poo face…. Which resulted to him shitting on the floor and the rest in the toilet. Which I won’t post the photo of but it was hilarious! I’ve never seen Jonny panic so much. God help him when it comes to potty training, which will be happening rather soon!

30th January

Woken up feeling a lot better then I did yesterday.
Let’s just say its confirmed that nesting has hit! Everywhere has been cleaned and organised today thank God. I’m now suffering badly with my back however but it’s worth it, the house now smells of fresh linen and lemons mmm.

Can you crave smells? My favourite smell with Logan was Eucalyptus I was addicted! Right now with this baby, I love lemon scents oh and apple too.

These back pains are getting worst and now Braxton hicks have started! Ouch.

February 1st

Today we had a snow day, finally! It wasn’t much but it was so nice to get outside and see how much Logan enjoyed the snow.

We got out fryer today which Jonny is happy about as we can have chips again!

Ergh I officially hate fried stuff. The smell is horrible it’s making me gip. Can’t say the chips tasted too great either like what is it with McCain chips tasting like horse poop lately.

Fried things and chips is just a massive no from me I’d rather not.

Well It’s 8 pm and we’re going to bed, both I and Jonny feel ill. I’m so blaming the chips.

Feb 2nd

Today is super emotional, this time last year was my due date! Oh, how fast time goes by. I’m also 20 weeks today, what the hell! I’m not going to lie I almost forgot but wow how fast is this pregnancy going?

Can’t say today has been too great, roll on this consultant appointment because something is not right with me and I’m really not enjoying this pregnancy or anything for that matter at this stage and its starting to get me down. I’m certain my iron levels or blood pressure is really low, my pain threshold is ridiculous right now too, I smashed my knee against the door and it taken me hours to recover from dizzy spells and feeling tired. Thank God I’m half way through this pregnancy at least.

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