Baby Name Series: Winter Inspired Names

It’s still winter time (boo I know to hurry up summer!) So I’ve decided to do some winter inspired names. I think season inspired names can be so lovely and pretty unique too!

So here’s a list, inspired by everything to do with winter!


  • Wynter / Winter – Starting with an obvious one, is Winter or more commonly spelt as ‘Wynter’ now. This name is becoming more popular and I’m not surprised it is super pretty for a seasonal name.
  • Alaska – A beautiful and unique wintery name for a baby girl. Being named after some beautiful snowy mountains isn’t a bad thing.
  • Elsa – Of course, this name is becoming super popular thanks to Disney! Scandinavian names never seem to disappoint as they are always very pretty names.
  • Ivy – A super pretty and not overly popular girls name is Ivy! The name means ‘faithful’.
  • Ember – Ember is one of my favourite girl’s names, is super pretty and perfect for a winter-inspired name.
  • Aspen – This name is actually unisex so perfect for either, but personally I think it’s super pretty for a girl.
  • Holly – A name that’s died out over the years is Holly. Holly is a lovely winter inspired girls name.
  • Snow – Snow is a good choice if you want to take the risk of having a different name! It’s pretty cute I can’t lie.
  • Alba – I actually got this name from an Instagram account I follow! Her twins our gorgeous and one is called Alba. I thought it was so cute and unique. The name means ‘bright and white’ which is the perfect alternative if you want something close to snow.
  • RobynI guess this is a unisex name, either way it is super cute. robins are usually seen at winter time so a perfect winter name for your baby.


  • Jack – A traditional and wintery name is Jack! Jack is a name that I don’t think will ever get old.
  • Zima – Zima is a good name if you’re looking for something different that means winter. As this is what the name means in Bosnian.
  • Colden – Colden is the perfect winter name for a number of reasons 1. It’s cold and 2. If your baby is born in December it can relate to coal that goes on the fire or that Santa brings for naughty children. It’s cute and different.
  • Douglas – such an old but cute name, Douglas is a type of fir tree. Great choice for December babies.
  • Jasper – a super common name at the moment but are we surprised? Jasper is a lovely boys name and one that made my name list last year! If you’re wondering why this name is winter related, Jasper was one of the three wise men.
  • AvalancheSomething a little ‘out there’ is Avalanche! Of course this is super wintery and can be shortened to a cute nickname of ‘Avi’ or Ava for a girl maybe?
  • Froid – Another different name choice is Froid which means cold in French.
  • Lynx – unpopular winter choice is Lynx, It’s different and also a name after a cute animal.
  • Ralphie – Sticking to the animal theme in cold climate is Ralphie, this name is becoming super common and it’s also really cute.
  • Yukio

  • If you’re into Japanese names this name might be for you. It’s unique and means ‘snow’.

What’s your favourite winter name from the list?

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