Letter To Logan: On Your First Birthday

Dear Logan,

It’s currently the 2nd February. A year from your due date! This time last year we were on our way to our last midwife appointment, we expected to get a stretch and sweep but you just weren’t ready. You had however stopped growing so we got to see you on the big screen for the very last time before your arrival.

Roll onto 10th of February 2:50 am in the morning you were brought into this world. I remember hearing your dad proudly announce how you had ‘huge balls’ and that you were a boy! You weren’t crying but I didn’t worry, you looked so happy to be here and lying so content in my arms taking the world around you in.

That was one of the proudest days of my life. Since the day you were born you’ve always looked at life with your big blue eyes, taking everything in. Everyone has always commented on how nosey and alert you’ve been the nurses used to tell you off for being nosy during feeds whilst still in the hospital with you! Nothing has changed since that day, you’re still super nosy, you don’t want to miss a thing you always want to be involved with the action!

I still can’t believe you’ve gone from being this small 6lb baby who needed me every three hours, to this super cheeky intelligent little lad who’s independent.

I can’t pin point my favourite moments with you Logan because I have so many! I can however share all my favourite moments you do daily that make my heart melt.

I love the way you wake up in the morning with a cheesy grin, dribble everywhere and your fluffy bed head sticking out everywhere. It’s always a surprise to see how you’ve woken up too sometimes you’re dress sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you’ve even taken your nappy off… Which I can’t say is a favourite moment as clever as that is son, try to keep your nap naps on!

I also love your sleepy cuddles, your little pouty face when sleep defeats you. Your food comas, your dreams where you’ll randomly laugh or clap! There’s never a moment me and your dad can’t help but smile and laugh at all the things you do.

I’ve loved watching you grow, hitting your first milestone of smiling and then hitting the rest super fast! You rolled at 1 month old, you crawled and pulled yourself up to stand at 6 months and now you’re so close to walking! You’ve taken the odd two or three steps! Before we know it you’ll be running around everywhere instead of doing your speedy crawling everywhere.

Me and your dad also love how vocal you’ve become, you’re saying mama and dada which is cute until you say it 1000 times a day… Especially to the wrong person. You also say yeah and your favourite word at the moment is ‘what’ which is so random by you always use it at the right times and say it with a super cheeky face which always makes us laugh.

You love so many things, you’re so easily pleased! You currently love playing clean up with your sorting blocks. You’ll repeat taking them out the box placing them high up and then collecting them all to put back in the box. You’ll repeat this 100x before getting tired and moving onto something else, me and your dad get so much entertainment from watching you do this. You’ve created little games and challenges for yourself. You also love dragging your clothes and blankets out your draws and inspecting them like your the world next top fashion designer.

You love your food too, just like daddy you’ve got a huge appetite. Most days you eat more than me and your only small! You love your porridge in the morning most of the time it leads to a second bowl! You love fruit and making funny faces especially with oranges. You also love chocolate…maybe a bit too much, you go mad if we don’t share food with you and God don’t you notice when we’re not eating the same thing.

Recently you’ve loved meeting new babies and been super social, you like to make your presence known that’s for sure, if you want attention you’ll shout until you get it. You’re only a year old but you’re quite the ladies man already, you love girls no matter the age you’ll stare and smile and try to stroke their face and give kisses if you get close enough!

You’ve experienced so many firsts this year, some of them are big ones. You’ve had two holidays abroad and been up a mountain too!

Heights didn’t seem to bother you one bit you loved every second of it. You also had to fit in a not so positive first which was your first trip in the back of an ambulance to the hospital! Yes 3 days before your birthday you had to give me and your dad a scare. It’s our fault for being so cocky saying we’ve been lucky to not take you to doctors or hospital in your first year of life. Main thing is you were okay, as you you little drama llama soon felt okay when we arrived at the hospital! You also had to flirt with a girl your age whilst at the hospital, honestly, I can’t take you anywhere. You’re girl mad!

Logan, I still stick by saying we hit jackpot with you because we have. You’ve been such a chilled out baby and you’re honestly the best thing that’s happened to us. Before your arrival, I was super nervous. I was so ready for you but I feared to hold you. The moment you were born the fears had gone away. You’ve changed me as a person, you’ve given me more purpose in life more determination and my, you’ve given me so much more happiness and love. I honestly don’t remember life without you.

Happy first birthday my little Logibear, the best year of my life has been with you and I honestly can’t wait for the future, seeing you become such a caring big brother, seeing you hit more milestones and just watching you grow into even more of a handsome chap from what you already are!

I love you more then you’ll ever know.

Mummy xx

Watch Logan’s first year here.

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