Baby Name Series: Harry Potter Inspired Names

Harry Potter seem to be a film that always seems to be on TV! Don’t get me wrong I love it. Most people have seen it and even read it. We can’t deny that J.K Rowling is fantastic at creating magical stories.

I have noticed each time I’ve watched Harry Potter theres some name I just love so here’s the list!


  • Luna – Starting off with on my favourite names and one my favourite characters, in fact is Luna. She’s is super cute and unique.
  • GabrielleI think this is a strong name for a girl and its died out over the years. Gabrielle means ‘Women of God’
  • Penelope – Is a cute name and not a popular character. The name means ‘faithful’ and can be shortened to Penny.
  • Aliciaone of my favourite girl names, Alicia was apart of Dumbledores army and comes across a a strong character. The name also means ‘noble’
  • Arabella – The first time I ever heard this name was because of the film. It’s now becoming popular which is no suprise as it’s super pretty and one of my favourite name choices for a girl.
  • HermioneWe all know who Hermione is so of course her name is going to make the list. Great character and also a good unique name choice.
  • Lily – Of course this is Harry’s mother. How many times are her eyes mentioned in the film’s? Too many. Anyway Lily is a pretty name and pretty popular name choice.
  • Molly – Molly is the mother of the weaselys. She’s strong so no wonder where Ginny get her skills from! Molly is also a cute name and not as popular as it used to be years ago * of course I’m biased this is my niece’s name*
  • PetuniaHarry’s aunt, not a name I’d ever use personally but it’s different.
  • Ginny – Of course we can’t forget Ginny. We watch her grow over the years into such a talented witch. Her and Harry are cute too.


  • Harry – I mean would this be a Harry Potter name list without the most obvious name?
  • Ron – Again we can’t forget his best friend. Ron is also a dying name!
  • Nicholas – After Nicholas Flamel, I think Nicholas is a lovely boys name and again is uncommon compared to previous years.
  • Tom – okay, it may be ‘he what shall not be named’ name… But Tom is a good name regardless. Obviously I’m biased as Thomas is my son’s middle name.
  • Neville – Neville is one of my favourite characters you see him grow from a weak wizard, into a pretty cool guy. Who of course helps saves Harry. I wouldn’t personally use this name but Nev is a cute nickname.
  • Lee – Lee Jordan of course. Plus Lee is an uncommon name at the moment.
  • James – Can’t include Harry’s mum without his dad, James Potter. Its also a top name choice for boys and has been since … Forever?
  • Cedric – Unpopular name and has a cool meaning ‘King of the land’
  • Frederick – Classic name and one of the funnier characters in Harry Potter. Got to love the Weasleys! Freddie is a cute alternative or nickname also.
  • GeorgeCan’t have Fred without the name George can we? George is one of my favourite names too!

Any names that’s you love from the list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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