Does Technology Make Us Lonely?

Technology, we all use it and love it right?

It’s everywhere, we can pay our bills, manage bank accounts, shop, read… You get the idea. It’s all at our fingertips.

But how does it affect us? Is technology taking away our interaction with others? Are we becoming more reliant on likes and comments on social media to feel like we have friends?

I do think that technology has taken over our ability to communicate properly, how often do you pick up your phone to text someone instead of calling or meeting them in person? Or how often do you pick up your phone whilst in a room full of people and stay on it for hours without saying a word?

For me personally, I’m terrible for both, I can be sat on my phone whilst half listening to a conversation or just sit for ages being completely quiet just scrolling through social media. I also prefer to text, if I can avoid a phone call I will.

Another issue with technology and social media in particular is, so so many of us become so consumed by social media, we feel the need to feel valued by likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram to feel popular or liked. I’ve seen so many people become depressed and reliant on likes to feel like they matter, when likes don’t mean a thing to show your worth. This can be an issue in school, how many petty arguments have you seen or heard from school-aged kids bullying another for not having a huge amount of likes or only ‘100’ followers on social media… Who actually cares? It doesn’t even matter, it’s just a number. A number that can quite easily be faked but that’s a debate for another time.

Following on from this, how many of you have 100’s of friends on Facebook? How many do you bother to talk to or see? So many of us can have so many friends on Facebook but can go months without seeing any one of them or having any social interaction at all. There have been many times where I make plans and people have bothered to view and not reply or they cancel last-minute all because they prefer the reality of texting. It’s seems like they’re putting effort in when really they’re not. Just recently I have distanced myself from these kind of people.

On the other hand, technology can be extremely beneficial. Since moving out I hardly see my mum anymore so I make sure I try Facetime her a few times a week, just so it feels like a real conversation and she gets to see Logan grow and learn still even if she’s not in the room. I also love the ability to make new friends online, maybe we will never meet but it’s a possibility but these people for sure make ‘lonely times’ more bearable. I also think it’s great to have the opportunity to get to know more people who have same interests as you all at your fingertips.

Conclusion to this debate, I think that although technology may be great in so many ways and may bring us closer to loved ones far away, it can bring us further away from those that are right with us in the moment. Which to me makes us lonely in the long run. Balance is definitely key when using technology but for some of us finding that right balance can be hard. For me personally it can be hugely improved which we’ve been working on recently in our household with technology free hours, so full focus is on Logan and we make time for couple time once he’s asleep.

I asked you guys on social media for your opinions and here are some of your responses!

Yes! I have hundreds of “friends” and yet can go days without seeing a single human being other than the ones who live with me! A text message just isn’t the same as visiting a friend for a proper catch up, buy people are so busy, it’s easier to use technology as a quick fix, instead of finding the time to spend real quality time with people. It gives the illusion of putting the effort in, without actually putting any effort in.

Does technology makes us more lonely? This is one is hard. For me it all goes in a little deeper. It all depends on how much we’re getting consumed by technology. If it’s moderated, if we don’t let it consume us then no. But if we are living more in the virtual world, we’ll then sooner or later we will be lonely in the real world. Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the virtual world that we forget the people (actually) around us.

No. Without technology I would be super lonely. I have met the most amazing group on mom’s (on pink pad before it was shut down) and we talk on WhatsApp every single day. A lot of us met up for our kids first birthday as we all had them in the same month and year. They are my support network. I don’t have any ‘real life’ friends 🤷🏼‍♀️

I think it can make us lonely, as sometimes it can distract you from the people who are right next to you.

On the other hand, it can bring you closer to people who aren’t by your side

So it can work both ways I think.

I love technology. I struggle with my mental health and at the moment I don’t want to meet friends in real life but at least I can still communicate online. So I can express myself even when the outside world feels too much. /

I think it can. My Mum is lonely, she has friends online, but does she make efforts to meet up with them? No. Why? Because she is depressed from being lonely!

Me and my daughter on the other hand love people, but hate hanging out with them (My daughter has ASD and I suspect I do too) but online we aren’t actually with people so it’s easier to talk and hang out without leaving the comfort of our home!

So now it’s over to you! What’s your opinion, does technology make us lonely?

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