Baby Name Series: Summer Inspired Baby Names


You may have noticed that baby name Mondays was missed out on last week, oops sorry I’ve been super busy recently and I have some catching up to do on blog posts.

I don’t know about you but we’ve been blessed with nice weather here recently and with summer slowly approaching us I thought I’d do some summer inspired baby names. Plus I’m due a summer baby so I may inspire myself whilst hopefully inspiring you guys reading this!

Girls Names:
Jasmine – One of my favourite Disney Princesses and also a scent of the summer! Jasmine is a lovely choice for a girl and it’s pretty uncommon.

Dayton – This name can be used for either a boy or girl, it’s a different name and fits with the summer theme perfectly with its name meaning. ‘Bright and sunny town’ perfect for those who are looking for a unique name.

Ocean – I’ve loved this name for years. I think its the type of first name that pairs well easily with other names to give it a more feminine sound. Ocean is also a great choice if you’re looking for something uncommon.

Kira – Kira is another name that’s not overly popular. It’s a pretty girls name and has a strong meaning. In Latin it means ‘Sun’ and in Greek it means ‘The Noble One’

Ruby – Perfect if you’re having a daughter born in the best month of the year.. July! Summer is at its peak usually in July so its a perfect. It’s also quite a sassy sounding name.
Boys Names:
Leo – One of my favourite boys name is Leo! It’s a strong boys name and fits in with the summer theme if you’re having a July/August baby under the star sign Leo! There’s also so many variations of this name so I think its a great choice.

Eden – This can also be used as a girls name but I think its works well as a boys. Eden means paradise, which if I’m honest summer turns pretty much everywhere into paradise , right?

Kai – Kai is an Hawaiian name and all Hawaiian names sound so nice and feel super summery if I’m honest. Its also a name that dropped in popularity so a good choice if you’re not wanting something popular.

Cyrus – Another lovely summer name for a boy is Cyrus , this name means ‘The sun’ so perfect for a summer baby, Its also different and uncommon.

Sol – Something short and something different. Sol literally means ‘sun and peace’ I also think its a name that is easy to pair with another name to make it sound more ‘masculine’.

Any names that’s you love from the list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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