I’ve Earned My Golden Boobies! – 1 Year Of Breastfeeding

This month I earned my golden boobies!

For those of you who are thinking ‘what the hell is she on about‘ well let me tell you there is a fun little system for breastfeeding mamas to celebrate their achievements by the boobie awards, why? because breastfeeding can be hard and making it fun makes it more enjoyable through those hard moments.


Anyway, I’ve done one whole year of breastfeeding. 1 YEAR! I never expected to make it past the first week and I was so happy to keep going each month I reached. I’m actually surprised I made it to a year as around 10 months Logan showed signs that he wanted to wean but that was all a false alarm as he started feeding like a newborn again just before his first birthday. In no way am I surprised he has had a huge growth spurt recently so he must have needed it.

So as you know I’ve covered breastfeeding a lot on this blog, because obviously its been a big journey for me and Logan and I believe writing about my experience and sharing my tips help others because there is lack of support out there unfortunately. So if you want to read our story from the start click here.

Where our journey is now

As of this week I’d like to officially say Logan has fully self weaned off breast. I followed his lead and just didn’t offer it for a nighttime feed or for comfort, he learnt to self sooth and got himself to sleep without needing breast and if he became hungry he helped himself to his sippy cup which usually has water or milk in during night times. This is a big achievement as usually he relies on boobie to get to sleep. He’s also doing better at falling to sleep on his own without boob for comfort at nap times, he just takes his sippy cup and either climbs into his bouncer and crawls in a circle and falls to sleep.

I honestly believe giving him juice has helped him self wean as I’ve heard that this is similar to breast as it has the similar sweet taste, however I don’t know how true this is but regardless he loves the stuff. He has also been given cows milk which he LOVES. He easily gulps down 3 or 4 cups a day of cows milk and if I’m honest I think it’s helped him to sleep better also as its now super rare that he wakes up in the middle of the night. I also believe that this is helping him to gain weight as he’s finally  starting to chub out a little bit.

So how am I feeling about this journey coming to an end? Honestly I feel great. I was expecting to get super emotional but I think I prepared myself for it coming to an end and if I’m honest I’m super relived about it. A year is a great achievement and I’m super proud but that has been a whole year of Logan relying on my boobs and for most of it being on them, so I’m extremely happy to have my boobs back and I’m going  to be making the most of wearing normal outfits where I don’t need to adapt to make it  ‘breastfeeding friendly’ for the next 3 months until the new baby is due. I can also wear normal bras again! Because as comfortable as nursing bras are they just don’t look appealing at all  and I’m an underwear type of girl. If I’ve got a good matching set on it gives me a confidence boost and makes me feel organised. Can any of you girls relate?

You might be wondering how my boobs are feeling now I’ve stopped and I’m honestly quite shocked. I was expecting my boobs to hurt so so bad but they feel normal just smaller than usual. Maybe this is down to pregnancy or it could be to do with the fact he slowly dropped the number of feed gradually before weaning himself off, I’m not sure but god I’m thankful that I didn’t have to go through any of the pain of drying up.

Another reason to why I’m happy the journey has come to an end is because I was worried about tandem feeding. It may sound so stupid because it’s 100% possible to feed two kids at the same time even at different ages. To me it scared me because I remember the struggle I had with Logan at the very start, newborns also feel super fragile to hold too which just made me nervous in case Logan knocked the baby too much as he’s a huge wriggler! I also was worried in case he got jealous because you just don’t know how he’s going to react. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I also feel more comfortable with leaving Logan with family now as I feel like he doesn’t really need me. He’s great with food and now sleeps well without needing me to sooth him so I feel less anxious and guilty if he kicks up a fuss if I’m not there. Not like I should feel guilty or worried with leaving him with family as they’ve all done this before and have more experience than me but you know, Mum guilt gets the better of all of us from time to time and we worry about everything.

So that it. The end of this breastfeeding journey and I’m looking forward to having a break before doing it all again with Baby Woodhead #2!

If you breastfed what award from the chart did you achieve/ currently on?


2 Replies to “I’ve Earned My Golden Boobies! – 1 Year Of Breastfeeding”

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Good question! It’s a hard one but I think most challenging part is dealing with change as well as learning new skills every day. Having hormonal changes, seeing how different your body is after a baby to then learning how to look after a tiny human is pretty overwhelming at times and definitely been a challenge.

      Oh, and learning patience! Since Logan turned one and developed an interested in TV show and constantly repeating words and songs I’ve 100% had to work on staying chill. Which is hard, there only so much wheels on the bus I can take 😂


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