Topic Of The Week: Co-Sleeping Is Bad For You

Ah Co-sleeping one of the many touchy debates we come across as parents. Now depending on where you come from they can be little confusion on what co-sleeping is or if you’re reading this as a new parent you may have not come across the term yet.

So co-sleeping is sharing a bed with your baby. Yes, now many people reading this will be eye rolling thinking “how can anyone do that!It’s dangerous!” Because once upon a time that was me. It’s amazing how judgemental we can be before we become parents isn’t it?

When I found out I was pregnant with Logan, every health professional went on about how co-sleeping was dangerous and how we should follow the safe sleep guidelines. Mum groups was the same in fact… I think this is where I got most of my research to put me off co-sleeping and become one of those ‘perfect parents‘ before being an actual parent. Fast forward to Logan been born and oh how my mind-set changed. Not straight away I admit as the thought of Co-sleeping honestly scared me due to the horror stories of babies rolling out of bed or being rolled on! It actually shocked me at how many midwives recommended it to me whilst in hospital but I just didn’t feel comfortable about it at all. Until one morning when Logan was around 3 weeks old, he woke up for a feed and I accidentally feel to sleep with him on my chest but I was in one those light sleeps where I was aware he was there and quite honestly I didn’t move an inch whilst he was on me. Well this slowly become a habit when Logan outgrew his Moses basket he woke up more frequently because he couldn’t stretch out and at the same time he was going through a growth spurt so doing feeds started to drain the life out of me.

Well one day I got bored and was tidying through my things that I got given during pregnancy and came along a book with development guidance and some tips and tricks in and believe it or not there was a whole section on co-sleeping. It gave tips on how to do it safely and since reading that little book, I’ve not looked back. I co-slept most nights with Logan I’d usually put him in his cot once asleep but some nights I’d be too tired or I’d simply just enjoy the cuddles because lets face it they’re only little once and I wanted to enjoy the moment. I know some of you will be reading this going “Oh hun, you’re making a rod for your own back by doing that” but honestly, I haven’t. He sleeps well and has transitioned into his own room quite easily.

So onto this debate. As you may tell from my story I can see both sides because I’ve experienced both sides of the debate. I will say if you’re on the fence and feel nervous about co-sleeping don’t do it. I think you must have confidence in yourself, even if the safe 7 is quite easy to follow if you’re a deep sleeper or a wriggler it can be quite nerve-wracking to even think of trying. However if you follow the tips on how to co-sleep safely give it a shot if it’ll work for you as a family. *I will say if you’re breastfeeding it does make them night-time feeds so much easier.*

As by now with most of the debates I’ve covered especially related to parenting it’s all about personal choice at the end of the day. What works for you wont work for another family and that’s okay. I never want these debates to come across as judgemental because we all simply do things differently and what you may disagree with or read information supporting only one side of an argument (like I did with this debate!) It can open your eyes to become more understanding when reading something like this that supports both sides.

So enough of me ranting on it’s over to you guys who got involved in the Poll and sent me messages! I actually really enjoyed this debate as its been one the closest votes yet that was half and half so a very interesting result. Here’s whats been said;

I agree with co-sleeping IF it’s done safely. We bedshare with both out children and will until they are ready to move to their own bed. As adults we don’t like to sleep alone, so why do we force our children too?

Co-sleeping/bedsharing with my twins has meant I’ve had much more sleep than I otherwise would have, so I’m all for it, provided the safety guidelines are followed

When I had my youngest my plan was to co-sleep until she outgrew breastfeeding (which was around 2 years old) She would sleep in her own room the odd night but always ended up back in with us. So we became full-time co-sleepers! She’s now 5.5 and goes to sleep in her own bed in her own room every night but still wakes most nights so we have a bed for her on the floor in our room next to our bed. She just climbs in and goes back to sleep and no one is disturbed. I have had a lot of people tell me how ridiculous it is that she still sleeps in our room but being a mum of two teenagers I have first-hand experience knowing that eventually she won’t *want* to sleep with us. So, for now we continue to let her sleep wherever she feels most comfortable, knowing it won’t last forever and being there for her at nighttime until she doesn’t need us in that way anymore.

I disagree with co-sleeping. My eldest was born premature so we were always told not to do this.
Both my girls were in moses baskets until they were about 12 weeks old. Then I moved them to their own beds.
Both are brilliant sleepers, both have a special teddy they have to sleep with.

For me, I’d worry about either myself forgetting my child is there or them falling out of my bed.

Before we had our son we firmly believed we would never co sleep, we wanted the bed to be for us and didn’t want to get into ‘bad habits’. I think that lasted until about 4/5 months with the sleep regression hit and it’s honestly been a lifesaver. At 31 months, some nights the only way he’ll settle is being in with us, and actually i quite like that, other nights he’ll be in with us and decide he wants to be in his own bed and takes himself off to his room. When you’ve gone without sleep for two and a half years, you do whatever it takes! One tip – life has been a lot easier since we upgraded from a double to a king size bed!

We co-slept a very small amount due to ridiculous levels of sleep deprivation and a clingy, colicy baby who didn’t sleep more than 2 hours in his cot until he was over a year. I never felt comfortable doing it, and it caused me all sorts of anxiety even though we tried to follow all of the safety guidelines. Sometimes you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we’d had the option of not doing it at all then that’s what I would have chosen.

Thank you for everyone’s responses who got involved.

If you want to find out more about co-sleeping and how to do it safely click here.

Now its over to you reading this. What’s your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with co-sleeping, have you done it? Let me know in the comments ! 🙂


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