Zimpli Kids Product Review

Hello, We’re back with another product review!

We were kindly gifted three products to try by Zimpli Kids to test and review! I’m a huge lover of messy play and I actually use to use ‘Gelli Baff’ back when I was a kid (Oh my god I feel old, I’m only 21!) So I was super excited to relive my childhood as well as see Logan’s reaction to each product.

So the Products we received was the Unicorn slime, Snoball Play and Smelli Gelli Baff. The first product we tried was the unicorn slime.

Unicorn Slime

So, the instructions were super easy to follow for this one. I got a spare plastic tub out that we saved especially for messy and sensory play. We just use the storage containers because they’re a good size and not too deep. Anyway, I half boiled some water and let it cool, I then poured that into the container. I then added the sachet and watched the water turn pink as I began to stir the mixture.

The instructions said to leave it around 10-15 minutes so I did and kept Logan entertained whilst occasionally going back and forth to stir the mix. After 15 minutes you could tell the mixture was turning into slime but it wasn’t quite the thick texture we expected so we left it another 10 minutes and the consistency was just right!

With this kit you get two unicorn figures included so I added them into the slime to encourage Logan to save them, We also got a Slime figurine too which Logan seemed to have fallen in love with whilst we were waiting for the mixture to form.

First reactions with Logan was great! He wasn’t hesitant in the slightest and got his hands straight in and began splashing the slime around and picking up the unicorns and then throwing them back in. It kept him entertained for a while, if I’m honest it entertained me and Jonny just as much so we were all sat on the floor splashing around, getting all sticky! However, this was a BIG mistake to do on the kitchen floor without any mats or towels in place. The slime is incredibly slippy, which I’ll admit its hilarious to see Logan slip around like Bambi on ice whilst trying to crawl around the box and Jonny nearly landed on his bum! Of course, I found this funny, Jonny however no so much. So if you do try this product I will warn the box doesn’t lie… it is super slippy so gets some mats in place and of course, supervise your littles at all times.

So after around 20 minutes Logan got fed up so off he went in the bath to get cleaned up with his dad whilst I got left to clean up the mess, which I’m not going to lie I dreaded this. Slime is so well known for staining and being hard to clean. However, following the guidance on the box to dilute the mix and flush down the toilet it was super easy! Cleaning the excess on the floor however not so much, that took a few wipes and mops to get completely slime free but it wasn’t that difficult really just more of a nuisance.

Rating: So to rate this product I give this a 7/10.

I loved how fun this product was to try as a family and Logan really enjoyed it which is a bonus! However, I think the formation time was a drag and cleaning the excess irritated me which is why I rate it as a 7. If the process was quicker I’d definitely give it a ten!

Snoball Play

The snoball play one I really looked forward to trying out as it looked so simple but fun. However when we originally planned to try this product we actually had real snow so we gave it a miss until the weather became better. Well on the day we did choose to try it the rain ended up ruining the experience halfway through, unfortunately.

However, onto the product, It was super easy to prepare. Like the Slime you pour some water into a container and then pour the powder in, give it a mix and wait for it to form. Luckily with this product, it formed so much quicker than the slime.

The feel of it is nothing like snow, well it’s cold but that’s it, the texture is rather slimy and gooey which didn’t bother me too much I personally liked the feel of it. Jonny, however, was a little disappointed that you couldn’t form proper snowballs with it. We put the snow in front of Logan to let him explore but he wasn’t too interested and this is when the rain started to come down. We did quickly try some inside but he didn’t seem too keen on the texture.

Rating: 6/10

I feel like I can’t rate this product to its full potential as we didn’t get to see if it does form 30+ snowballs, I would love to give this another shot in the future to give it a fair review and try Logan with it again but maybe when he’s older as I personally don’t think its suitable for his age ( The boxes do say 3+ ) However the rating goes on how easy and quick it is to make its also rather easy to clean too as it just dissolves.

Smelli Gelli Baff

Lastly, the Smelli Gelli Baff. This is the product I looked forward to trying the most as it brought back so many childhood memories. Again like the other products it was super easy to follow the instructions. We ran the bath and poured in the mixture gave it a mix and waited for it to form. Like the Snoball Play this product was super fast to form, It also made the bathroom smell delicious with the tutti frutti scent.

We placed Logan in the bath and at first, he was really unsure and just cried bless him. We gave him a few minutes and he did settle but just seem really miserable to be in the bath and more unhappy at the fact we wouldn’t let him eat the mixture. It was short-lived that’s for sure! Was a little bit gutted with Logan’s reaction as I wasn’t expecting him to hate the texture as he usually loves messy play. However, this was a hit with Me and Jonny as we loved the smell and the feel!

Cleaning, again we dreaded as we expected it to stick to the sides and stain the tub orange. However not long after putting the dissolve mixture into the tub it quickly started to form into liquid. After around 10 minutes it was watery and ready to be drained down the plug, which Jonny was hugely satisfied by. All the mixture went down the drain no problem and it didn’t stain the bath either, Bonus!

Rating: 8/10

I give a rating of 8 because of how quick and easy the product was to prepare and how easy it was to clean after use. However as much as we enjoyed it, Logan did not so going on his age I really don’t think this product is suitable for his age group just because it is slippy and all he tried to do when he did calm down, was eat it. The products do have an age of 3+ however so maybe when he’s older we will try these out again and see if he enjoys them!

I do think these products are great for messy play, personally not a huge fan of the slime but the Gelli Baff and Snoball was super easy to do and not too much hassle to clean either which is a huge bonus to us parents who want to do messy play at home without all the hassle of cleaning up!

I’d also like to add that recently Logan has developed eczema, which worried me when coming to test the Gelli bath. I did message the Zimpli Kidz team before choosing to go ahead with the bath. The product didn’t irritate Logan’s skin in the slightest or Jonny’s for that matter, so if you’re reading this and unsure on if to buy for kids with skin conditions, do a patch test! The products have been said to help with conditions like eczema but don’t hold me to that 🙂

For our video review click here!

To buy the products click Here!

Thanks again to Zimpli Kids for letting us try these products out, I’m gutted Logan didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought he would but maybe next time he will, I’ll give it a few years 🙂

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