The Last Week Of The Second Trimester and Crazy Cravings.


I haven’t done a pregnancy update in a few weeks… well since entering this trimester! So I thought I’d do a little catch up on how I’m getting on.

So currently I’m 26 weeks pregnant, I am finally starting to look pregnant. Well, a little bit depending on what I wear and the babies position. I feel so much smaller this pregnancy then what I did with Logan.

If I’m completely honest I’m really not enjoying this pregnancy, I get that other mums have it much harder so I should feel blessed, which honestly I do I’m lucky to not have half the symptoms or scares that some expecting mums face. However it’s my mentality this pregnancy, I hate looking at myself in the mirror, I hate myself in clothes. Instead of rocking the bump like I did with Logan I just feel fat and as for my face… oh Christ you can play dot to dot on it! I have not been blessed with the ‘pregnancy glow’ this time around, I feel like I’ve hit my teenage years all over again. As for these bags under my eyes…they’re going to need luggage carts soon I’m not even joking. Not even a bit of concealer can fix this mess up.

Cravings… well I didn’t really have any with Logan but I’ve had them since the start with this baby and my god its just getting weirder by the week. It started off quite normal with my sweet cravings and craving such as chicken and maple syrup together. (It’s good , you should try it!) Well… roll on up to now I’m still craving sweet stuff but I’m back to craving mints again and the weird ones? Wash powder. Yes Wash powder, its ridiculous. I’m really tempted to eat it which I won’t do but I do enjoy rubbing it together in my hands and sniffing it daily, so doing the laundry is fun at the moment! I also crave Zoflora, well any cleaning product really, I love lemon scents and mountain air! Can’t get enough of it and dishwasher tabs, I love the smell and texture of them too!

I will confess that these strange cravings got a bit much one day… Jonny did influence this and I will say I instantly regretted it in the end and it’s probably why I haven’t gone ahead to eat any wash powder. I’ve tried a bath bomb and lets just say it didn’t taste as nice as it smelt… 100% do not recommend.

Staying on the subject of cleaning products, Nesting. Nesting has already started. I do struggle most days if my back is in agony or I have zero energy and reflux but I love cleaning the kitchen, Bathroom, scrubbing the carpets and constantly spraying air freshener everywhere. Half of this stuff doesn’t need doing daily but I feel need to do it anyway! Nesting also isn’t helping when shopping, Like I have a cleaning cupboard and trust me when I say it is full of products that would last me for the next year. Yet every time I go shopping I NEED to buy more. I really don’t but my little pregnancy cravings tell me that I do. I mean you can’t have too much Zoflora or lemon kitchen spray can you really?

The only thing I enjoy, sometimes. Is being able to feel the baby move. With this baby I felt movement much later then I did with Logan and when I did feel movement It has all been in my back up until recently. The baby has moved up from being so low down and all in my back which has given me a bit of relief on my back (THANK GOD!). I can feel nice strong kicks around my front and I can now see them too, which is my favourite part of pregnancy. However, it’s not always so pleasant. I’m fairly certain this baby has now got comfortable with laying their head in my rib cage, giving me reflux most days and don’t get me started on the kicks and jabs I get to my cervix. They are no joke! I feel like the baby is trying to escape!

I do feel super guilty that I haven’t bonded with this baby yet, there not that much excitement this time around, maybe because its not a new feeling, maybe its because I’m too busy looking after another small human and have no time to bond like I could when I was pregnant with Logan. I do try most days to have a bit of free time to press my belly and talk to the baby, usually with Logan so he has some involvement but nothing seems to be working to get that ‘instant love’ feeling. I’m hoping that changes once the baby is born which I’m sure it will.

I’ve also recently transferred care to a different hospital which makes me nervous but I’m actually looking forward to seeing the more variety of options on giving birth this time around as its community midwife care. I’m not making a birth plan as such this time but the thought of either a Birth centre birth or a home birth seems great! I wanted a home water birth with Logan but that wasn’t an option and I had to be induced in the end with him anyway.

Anyway , enough of my ranting on. Here’s a bump update and cute little video of Logan bonding with his little brother/sister.

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