Today marks the day I first started this blog! That’s right one whole year of blogging!

Back when I first started, I had no clue about the blogging world. I was using this little space on the internet to share updates on Logan and my experiences through motherhood and breastfeeding. It quickly became a hobby I really enjoyed, I loved the feedback and lovely comments from friends and family who took their time to read what me and Logan was getting up too… then strangers started to find my blog and that is where the motivation to carry this blog on really started.

Not long after starting my blog, I had my first brand collaboration. This blog post still to this day is popular and this is where I realised I could make more out of this little hobby of mine. I decided to do my research. I found other blogs that gave great advice to beginners. From these blog I noticed that Twitter was highly recommended so I took the leap and created an account. I was never a fan of Twitter but now I am. Thanks to Twitter my blog audience has grown drastically over the year! I have also got to talking to some other great bloggers who not only do I enjoy reading their content they’re super supportive on all social media platforms and even included me in blog posts! Which is super sweet 🙂

Maybe I’ll never meet these people in real life but the online relationship is something that makes owning a blog enjoyable! I enjoy seeing all these people who support me, reach their goals and like myself most of these bloggers I’ve connected with are parents, so I’ve found the best parenting advice from these people if I ever get stuck or want to try something new with Logan.

Anyway, thanks to everyone’s support over the past year, this blog is not only a hobby but slowly becoming lets say… a side hustle! I’ve had so many gifted opportunities over the months which I’m super grateful for and now we’re beginning to have sponsorship’s from brands and as of last month I monetized my blog! (Super sorry if the ad’s irritate you! Please if you think they’re too many on the page let me know and I will change this as I’m testing the waters and I still want you guys to enjoy what your reading without feeling hassled by ad’s!) I’ve also become a Freelance writer since beginning this blog too, something I never thought I’d ever do. My love for writing has really grown over the past year and who knows… In the next 5 years I may write an actual book! We’ll see but it’s defiantly something I’ve considered. My teachers always said I had it in me, only just now I’ve listened.

Also if you didn’t know already we’ve started a Youtube channel that we’ve linked with the blog to do cooking videos, reviews and lifestyle. We have so much planned for the next few months so I hope you check it out and subscribe if you haven’t already! Click Here.

Again I just want to thank you for all your support over the past year, It really means a lot!


To end this blog I want to celebrate and share my best blog posts over the year!

#1 The Secret Is Out

#2 The Dreaded First Trimester

#3 Dads Don’t Parent, They Babysit

#4 Bemama review

#5 I Didn’t Expect This to Happen When Using Childs Farm! : Product Review

#6 Vaccines Causes Autism

#7 10 Questions Women Ask Google When Pregnant

#8 A Letter To Logan

#9 A-Z Guide About Giving Birth

#10 My pregnancy story

I also just want to share a few bloggers who have supported me over the year! Check them out 🙂

Jazmin @ Finding Your Spark

Stephen @ Yule Times

Suki @ Baffled Mum




  1. Let me just say, I am beyond proud of what you have accomplished! I’ve seen your progress over the past year (I believe we somewhat started around the same time) & your blog just keeps getting better & better! I am happy to keep following your family’s journey! Thank you for being a great online friend. Who knows? Maybe Briella & Logan could meet someday! Anyway! Keep up the great work ✨


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