I’ve been tagged by the lovely Stephen @ Yuletimes to take part in the parenting alphabet challenge. This is a blogging award he came up with himself which I love! It’s super creative and I reckon I’ll enjoy reading everyone who has taken part version of this challenge as we all parent differently!

So let’s get on with the blog!


  • Tag the blogger that nominated you
  • Use a word starting with all 26 letters of the alphabet to describe what parenting is like for you
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to complete the challenge next
  • Have fun doing it!

These are the only rules you need for this one. It’s a quick little activity to remind you of all the challenges and experiences that parenting brings.

A is for Achievements

I’ll be honest two different words first came to mind for A… And that all depends on my toddler’s attitude but seriously thinking about it I choose Achievements for A as you learn so much when you become a parent. You watch this little human grow and learn things (very quickly!) And we made them into the clever little characters they are! I mean we also learn new skills ourselves like cleaning hacks, getting stuff done in five minutes… Multitasking. Anything for a quick and easy life with a very active tod around!

B is for Beverage.

Because parenting can be hard and let’s face it a nice cold beer or gin at the end of a stressful and manic day really helps.

Or in my case right now an nice non-alcoholic glass of wine or a cold glass of diet coke!

C is for Cuddles

Again another word came to mind at first… I’ll give you a clue it ends in T but we won’t be using that word. Can we tell that Logan has pushed me to my limits a little bit today? I’ve been headbutted four times this morning…

However, when he’s a little angel he gives the best cuddles! Boys are so loveable, most of the time I don’t need to ask for a hug or kiss he will now walk over and give me a hug. Morning and night cuddles, however, cannot be beaten, nothing in this world is sweeter than a sleepy cuddle.

D is for Destructive

When you have kids it’s impossible to have nice things and a clean home. I can clean up after Logan 100 times a day and within 2 minutes you can guarantee that whatever room he is let loose in it’ll look like a bomb site. I will give him some credit however he does try to clean… Only for him to drag it all out again. It’s his favourite game.

E is for Excitement

Parenting comes with many exciting times. Hitting milestones and seeing them learn something new is always exciting!

F is for F*** Sake

We try not to swear in front of Logan but the odd time it does slip out most of the time we will mutter this under our breath or think it everything something goes wrong like… Getting the kitchen spotless and the little terror decides to drag everything out and climb into the cupboards. Amazing what a tod can achieve when you leave them for a minute.

G is for Google

Google becomes your best friend when you hit rock bottom not knowing what to do. This can be with anything, if it be medical related, how poo should be looking or when I’m lacking imaginative ideas… Pinterest and Google become useful for giving me play ideas or inspo on what to do with his bedroom. Oh, and cleaning, cleaning hacks always come useful from Google.

H is for Hunger

Logan never.stops.eating. like literally he could eat all day and I don’t know where he puts all this food as he’s such a skinny baby! Hunger doesn’t just come on his part though as a parent we can be so busy focusing on our mini me’s we forget to eat sometimes… Well, I do anyway and when I do remember I end up sharing my snacks or meal with my very greedy toddler.

I is for Isolation

Completely copying Stephen with this one but it’s true. Parenting can be isolating. Especially since we’ve moved into our own place I’m feeling it more, my mum isn’t on hand to help if I become unsure on the little things or if I need to go get a quick bath in peace.

We’re also out in the middle of nowhere in the countryside and the youngest family out here! So socialising is now more non-existent then it was before, I was only just getting used to going to baby groups before we moved too which makes me sad as I miss going to them and seeing Logan socialise with other kiddies his age… To do that now everything is miles away and our friends are miles away too. So I think we’re all feeling isolated a little bit. Which for me is the worst part of parenting.

J is for Joy

Because parenting brings so many happy and joyful moments into your life daily. Even on the hard and dark days. It’s a joy to watch Logan learn, play and have fun.

K is for Kisses

Kisses and lots of them too! Logan loves to give us both kisses, especially in the morning when we bring him into bed with us, it the sweetest thing ever. Then again he also likes to kiss his teddies … The floor, the sofa… Yeah, he kisses everything.

L is for Love

When Logan was first placed into my arms I fell in love instantly and my love has grown for him more each day. Whoever says love, at first sight, doesn’t exist is lying.

M is for Migraines

Okay, maybe a little dramatic but headaches and tension from lack of sleep and trying to balance life around. Oh and the screeching that Logan has developed it’s so damn high it goes straight through me, giving me a headache most days.

N is for Nappies

Because let’s face it we deal with 100’s of nappies during the first few years of parenting how can they not be on this list.

O is for Obsession

Think every child has some sort of obsession. Logan’s seems to be Bananas, In The Night Garden and collecting stones oh…and trying to clean up by constantly taking things out of draws and boxes and placing them back.

P is for Patience

You need a hell of a lot of patience when being a parent if that be with not losing the will to live when they’re being naughty or just simply having patience when teaching them something new.

Q is for Questions

We ask a lot of questions when parenting because we don’t always know what to do. I usually say ‘What the hell am I doing ‘ daily and I’m sure most parents can relate.

I guess this also goes for older children too as Logan isn’t quite at that stage where he’s asking questions or going ‘but why?’ To everything. I’m waiting for that day…

R is for Reading

Since becoming a mum I’ve started to read more. I love reading to Logan and he also enjoys sitting and flicking through books by himself. We have so many books for him to choose from and his favourites are the ‘that’s not my’ collection, for now anyway.

S is for Sleep

My favourite time of day! Logan isn’t the worst sleeper in fact in the early days he slept really well as he slept through from 2 weeks old. That soon changed at around 6 months and his pattern has been everywhere for the past few months and my God the lack of sleep is a killer. Thankfully he’s back into some set of routine again and is sleeping through so I’m enjoying all the Zzz I’m catching up on.

T is for Tantrums

Toddlers and tantrums eh? Everyone warned me about terrible twos but it all starts at around 1 year old! Oh, my tantrums are challenging. Never did I think I would have deal with a moody toddler for silly reasons such as bringing him inside because it’s getting cold in the garden, giving him the wrong drink or because I need to change a poopy nappy… You think I was trying to murder him the way he kicks off. Also, what is it with kids banging their head against the wall if they don’t get their own way?!

U is for Unexpected

Because you never know what’s going to happen with kids. They surprise us each and every day with something new. You never know when they say something or when they’ll walk and out of nowhere they just do it. I mean Logan also surprises us with how much mess he can make daily and how he can get into small spaces to hide within seconds.

V is for Variety

Not sure where I’m going with this one as V is a super hard letter! You do need variety when being a parent otherwise it can get boring. So new games to play daily, new ways to do things, new places to see… Oh and skills. You soon become a chef, a nurse and an entertainer when a parent.

W is for Wipes

Again sorry Stephen totally copying! But wipes are your best friend. You have a pack in each room and will regularly lose them. They’re not just great for wiping smelly bums and dirty faces but they become your cleaning partner. Bit of dirt on the sides, just use a baby wipe.

X is for Xenoglossy

Okay, yes I cheated I needed to use Google to search words beginning with X! This challenge is super hard near the end. It’s bad enough that I’ve had to sing the alphabet God knows how many times to know what letter comes next.

So Xenoglossy means speaking a language you’ve never learnt… And I’m sorry to say it but parentese is a language okay?! We all use it when we become parents right?! It just comes naturally.

Y is for Young

Jonny and I are classed as ‘Young Parents’ however we do feel about 70 most days. We may only be 21 and not long been at college and done all the stuff young people do but it’s been years that it’s been acceptable to act like a complete child. Having Logan gives us both a great excuse to act like 5-year-olds again, run around at a park, go to soft play, get dirty and just relive all the fun things we did as kids with Logan. Now Logan is walking I’m super excited to go puddle jumping and maybe even go sliding in the mud because why the hell not. It’s totally acceptable without looking crazy and weird.

Z is for Zealous

Z is a hard letter to think of a word but zealous came to mind. As recently mentioned above parenting can be exciting!

And we’re done! That challenge was fun yet pretty hard to think of some words! Now it’s time to nominate!

The people I nominate for this challenge are;

Jazmin @ Finding Your Spark

Chelsea @ Not just a stay at home mum

Emma @ The Messy Bun Mum

Jasmin @ My Life With Grayson

Lauren @ Mama Tells All

Menzi @ Rap-Double-Oh Baby

Amy @ Becoming Mumsy

Christy @ Welsh Mum

Ian @ Dads Delicious Dinners

Rosie @ Mum In The Moment

The people above are great writers and I love following them on social media. So make sure you check them out!

Again thanks to Stephen for making this fun challenge! I hope many people get behind this 🙂

Question time… What’s been your most challenging moment as a parent? Let me know in the comments.

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