Baby Led Spreads: Delicious and Affordable

So as most of you all know Logan is now 14 months old! It feels like a lifetime ago when we started our weaning journey. We started weaning Logan just before he turned 6 months when he showed all the signs of being ready to start. I did so much research before going ahead with weaning as my approach was so so different to my mums way of doing things. I thought I’d brave the Baby Led Weaning route and oh my I’m so glad I did.

Baby Led Weaning is the process of introducing your baby to solid foods and letting them feed themselves. This helps the baby to decide exactly what they want to eat and it helps massively with hand eye coordination. It’s so easy! Logan since the start has been able to sit down and have proper meals with us, without one of us needing to feed him whilst our food gets cold and it saves on the organisation at dinner times as we don’t have to run around making different meals or purees for him. We LOVE it!

So onto the purpose of this blog. Baby Led Spreads! We have kindly been gifted these spreads by Baby Led Food and if i’m honest… I wish that I discovered this brand a lot sooner, especially whilst first starting Logan’s weaning journey.

So here’s little bit of info on these spreads. This small (but wonderful) Business is based in the North East and if you click here you can find out the story behind this lovely company as it’s well worth the read. Dad, Keith is a genius and him and his wife have had such a journey together!

Anyway, I find that they’re super easy to order online! The prices vary as you can order 18 jars for £15.00 or 9 jars for £8! What I love most is there’s so much choice , we had been gifted the savoury range to try with each flavour but there’s also a sweet range which… we are yet to try! I love how you can mix and match on flavours when ordering too so if your little one has a love for a certain flavour you can order lots. These spreads also come with dairy-free options which I think is amazing for those with little ones with certain dietary requirements.

So what’s in the Savoury range you’re wondering?

  1. Green Pea, Rocket & Dill
  2. Avocado, Red Pepper and Tomato
  3. Carrot, Apple and Hummus
  4. Ricotta and bean
  5. Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea
  6. Red Lentil And Sweet Potato

So as you can see plenty of flavours to choose from. Logan’s personally favourite was the Carrot, Apple and Hummus spread… he loved the stuff that much he tried to lick the jar clean!

So how do you use these little jars if they’re for baby led weaning you might ask? Simple. These jars are so versatile. They are designed to use with food that you’re already giving to you little one. You can cook with them, add them into sandwiches or just open the jar and leave some stick fruit and veggies or even bread sticks for you little one to dip in and get messy with! These jars are great for getting creative with and if you’re stuck for ideas, Each jar comes with a suggestion on meal ideas.

Some the ideas we used the jars for was Pasta! We used the Ricotta and bean spread and mixed it in with pasta and added a little bit of garlic. Logan loved it!

We also have used the Avocado, Red pepper and tomato spread to make mini homemade pizzas, as suggested recipe on the jar. We also used the Green Pea, Rocket and Dill in a sandwich with Ham and cheese. Which Logan wasn’t too keen on at first but he ate it, can’t say he was a massive fan of this spread however.

The other spreads such as the Spicy pumpkin can be added to meals like curry or stir fry noodles. The Carrot, Apple and Hummus and the Red lentil and Sweet Potato was fab for using as dips. Logan really enjoyed just being left with them two flavours to do his own thing with slices of Apple, Carrots, Oat biscuits, Banana etc.

Overall, we absolutely love these spreads and we will be buying more especially the Carrot, Apple and Hummus flavour. I think these jars are well worth the money. They’re small enough to pack in your bag when out and about, super easy to create dishes with or have as a snack with fruit,veg and whatever else you can imagine. Like, I don’t know about you but both Jonny and I always seem to smell jars when we open them. I’ll admit now that the pouches and jars that we have used in the past stink! Most baby food jars don’t smell appetising or look it either if I’m honest, However. These spreads actually smell really nice and with that of course we gave each one a taste test for ourselves. These jars actually taste like food, sounds ridiculous but if you ever dared to try baby food jars not all of them taste like the flavour they’re advertising. I’m not surprised in the slightest that Logan’s Favourite is Carrot, Apple and Hummus it’s full of flavour and if I’m honest I’d love this in adult size!

Another thing I love about these jars is that behind every sale… money is donated to the charity Bliss. This charity is dedicated to helping babies that are born sick or premature. So with buying these jars your doing your bit for charity which I think is lovely.

So thank you to Baby Led Foods for gifting us these spreads, we’ve enjoyed using them and getting creative at meal times! We for sure will be buying more of these and seeing what else we can create as well as following some of your recipe ideas!

** This is a gifted item all thoughts and opinion are our own. **


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