My Favourite Cleaning Products

So nesting never really left after I had Logan and now it’s just become more ridiculous! Not like its a bad thing that I’m keeping on top of housework but my God it’s breaking my back!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my fave cleaning products. In fact some of them aren’t actually found on the cleaning isles, I love using natural products that have multiple uses, mostly! But some of my current favourite products are well worth the few extra £!

White vinegar – Thought I’d start with an old remedy, white vinegar! This stuff is great for cleaning almost anything! It’s a brilliant window cleaner leaving a streak-free finish. I also use it on mirrors and occasionally on taps. What I’ve been using white vinegar for recently is to get rid of foul smells! As you may know, toddler makes a lot of mess and have accidents.

Well, recently we’ve had a few poos to clean up off the floor and in his cot. White vinegar was my go to straight away! A quick spray and a dab and left for a few minutes before cleaning with another product.

I will say that white vinegar itself has a foul smell but it soon disappears and takes other odours away also. They’re so many cleaning hacks (and beauty!) That this product has, so it’s a must have in any household.

Baking soda/Soda Crystals – If you watch Mrs Hinch then you know she loves her soda crystals. I’ve never actually bought any but baking soda does the same job! Like white vinegar baking soda has so many uses other than baking.

My favourite use is occasionally for the oven when it’s super grotty! Baking soda with a mix of hot water and spritz of white vinegar beings the dirt right off making it easier to clean. I also use this twice a week for the sink. Pour a little bit down the plug hole and then add boiling water. This product also makes a fab carpet cleaner! Lifts stains away and is great for vanishing odours.

Basically, if something needs a good clean, count on baking soda!

Dishwasher tablets – This is my go-to product for most things. I love them and it really doesn’t help that I’m craving them this pregnancy!

I use dishwasher tabs in the washer not only does it help clean it, but it’s also great for popping in with your clothes! Especially whites as it removes stains and stops whites from greying!

I also use dishwasher tabs for cleaning the oven and washing the dishes as it removes dirt and grease with no effort.

Also great for cleaning carpets as I’ve recently found out!

Method Multi-Surface Cleaner – I recently saw this product being hyped over on Instagram so I had to give it a go to see if it’s worth the money. I have to say yes! I love this product, it cleans well, its streak free, it smells AMAZING! A little bit goes far and seriously… How fancy is the packaging?! I love the stuff and want to try more things by Method. I also love how it’s non-toxic and kinder to the environment too.

Zoflora – I love products with multiple uses and Zoflora is one of my faves! There’s so much you can do with the stuff and the box and website will give you lots of ideas on how to use it.

I’ll say now that I do not use this product to clean with, I use it more as an air freshener if anything. Occasionally, I will spray the sides down but only after they’ve been cleaned with an actual cleaner.

So as mentioned I love using it as an air fresher, I dilute the solution into a spray bottle and spritz around the house a few times a day. I also like adding it into the drum of the washer to keep it smelling fresh in-between cleans. I also love soaking my cloths in the stuff overnight. Makes the whole place smell so fresh!

My current favourite scent is mountain air! But I also love all the winter range and zesty lemon.

Steriliser tablets/Fluid – And on to last product which has multiple uses! steriliser tablets (Or fluid!) are great for everything, especially stains. I got this hack from my mum, when Logan had a few poonamis and stains in his clothes in the early days, soaking them in sterilised solution brought the stains right out!

I still use this trick now and also use it for getting stains out of mugs and of course, it’s great for getting rid of odours. So using the solution in bins works wonders too!

Cif Cream – I guess this product could go down as multi-use also but I mainly use it in the kitchen. I have in the past used it in the bathroom when I’ve run out of products but this cream cleaner is my go-to for cleaning the kitchen. I love the smell of the stuff, it’s super cheap and lasts a really long time. It shines the hob well and the kitchen sink. I also use it to shine the toaster, the fryer and get rust or any burnt parts on pots and pans!

Astonish Kitchen Cleaner – I love Astonish products, they’re so cheap and do the job well. This kitchen cleaner gets rid of grease and dirt with hardly any effort and it smells great. It’s not overpowering but the smell is long-lasting and leaves the sides clean and fresh. This is another product that lasts forever!

Astonish Mould and Mildew – This product really is strong, quite literally. Not many people are a fan of the smell and I’d 100% recommend leaving the windows open when using this.

I’m quite weird and enjoy the smell but on with how it cleans. It does what it says on the bottle, no need to scrub.

I used this in the bathroom on the tiles and soaked a cloth around the taps when we moved in as they had a little bit of mould. I left it to soak for around 15-20 minutes and wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth and it did the job! It’s not a product I need to use weekly but I use it at least once a month just to give the bathroom a good deep clean. Luckily we’ve had no issues with mould.

Astonish Toilet Bowl Tabs – Can you tell I love Astonish products yet? They’re just so cheap and actually do the job. Anyway, I love these tabs. When we first moved into our house the upstairs toilet had been neglected, it was ridden in rust and limescale! Before I discovered these tablets I used a nappy to clear the water (which also worked wonders for taking up the limescale believe it or not!) I then added two dishwasher tabs and poured boiling water into the bowl and left to soak for an hour, scrubbed with a brush then flushed. This took nearly all the limescale away but a little bit was still left over and it bothered me.

I then discovered these and my God they are strong. Drop one in the bowl for 20 minutes then flush, it worked wonders. I do however need to keep up with it regularly so it’s a weekly task but these toilet tabs are brilliant.

Dettol wipes – Last product is Dettol wipes! These are so easy to clean with and smell amazing and also another product which is super cheap to buy. It’s not a must have but it does make cleaning Logan’s high chair after meals easier to clean up and just the odd spill that’s made during the day.

The ones below are bathroom wipes and these just make it easier to keep up with the bathroom weekly to give it a quick clean before it’s ready to be deep cleaned once a week.

So there we have it! Some of my favorite cleaning products.

Want to see me speed clean the kitchen with these products? Click Here

Now tell me what’s you favorite cleaning product and hack you’d love to share? Comment below!


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