Big Life Decisions When It Comes To Your Health

We all go through changes in our lifetime, and they say that our bodies can change every seven years. That means that we all need to be vigilant when it comes to our health and our well being. There are things that women and men must do that are different to each other, but then there are also things we can do as a collective. Here are some of the health decision and things we need to be more aware of and how we can ensure that we keep out health as a focus.


Decisions you make for yourself as a women

Men and women have different priorities when it comes to their health, sure there are things that you both can do similarly, but there will be things that are specific to the anatomy of a women and the anatomy of a man. There are also different stages in life where our health can be affected by different things. So here are some of the decisions a women would make when if comes to taking care of their health.

Getting a smear test done

A smear test, or a gynaecology test of any kind can be very overwhelming for a women. It can strike a fear in you in terms of pain and also an embarrassment in terms of what is being investigated and checked. Of course, the gynaecologists , nurses and doctors that performs these checks do this everyday and they have seen it all. But there is a still a stigma attached to it. The checks can prevent bad cells and things like cancer in the future, So it is always worth it to go get checked out. If you have already had children it is nothing in comparison to childbirth or how it feels. So many say it is nowhere near as bad as they imagine it to be. When was the last time that you were checked?

Regularly checking for lumps or any changes in your body

Our bodies change almost every seven years, but that doesn’t mean to say that your body might be fine one minute and then a few months later a lump appears the next. Lumps and bumps, or any changes in our body for example should be analysed and also discussed with health professionals. Lumps are often one of the most obvious things we can become aware of in our body, but that doesn’t mean to say changes in your mood, headaches and how you feel should be ignored. If you have any cause for concern speak to a medical professional and start some medical investigation. Again early detection can save lives.

Being prepared for the menopause

The menopause is something to start thinking about as you approach your mid forties. It is when a women stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally. The menopause is a natural part of the ageing process, and it can be quite overwhelming at the beginning. Your hormone levels change and things like oestrogen levels decline. While it is not something to worry about at all, it can be worth being more aware of the stages you will go through and the changes you are likely to experience. Preparing yourself for the future can help you be in a position to feel much better about the next chapter in your life.

The complications when trying to conceive

The last health worry that a women can have is much to do with you conceiving and trying for a baby. It can be such an emotional strain, not just to you but also on your partner and family. You may struggle to conceive , you may experience miscarriage or loss, you may even be in a situation where conceiving naturally is not an option. There are complications that are more common than is discussed. If you find yourself in a position where you are not able to conceive then speak to some medical professionals. They can often investigate and determine if there is an issue.

Lets not forget the men

Men have separate health concerns that they may need to be more aware of as they get older, These things can often be overlook as a lot of men have a fear of being seen by doctors or taking their health seriously. Here are a few reminders of some of the things you may want to remind the man in your life to get checked over or to think about for the future.

Having a vasectomy

From talking about conceiving to not wanting to have anymore children, there comes a time in a mans life where he may need to consider the decision to have a vasectomy performed. This is a decision that should be considered permanent. Of course, you could look into a reversal vasectomy but many clinics suggest that this does not have a huge success rate and also it can be quite costly. A vasectomy can be a great idea if you and your partner make the decision together that you don’t want any children in the future. But it is a decision that may take some time to come to the conclusion with.

Checking for lumps and changes

Just like women need to check their bodies regularly , so do men. Lumps can appear on different parts of their body, and they may be a sign that something is lurking in their body that needs to be addressed. Cancer is often the biggest threat when it comes to lumps and bumps in our body, but many times they turn out to be normal things that can be treated.

Prostate checks

Finally, prostate check are also a thing that men will need to consider having checked on regular intervals. This is a part of the body that won’t always give you evidential symptoms that something isn’t right. So it is worth having regular screening for it.

There are thing that you can do together, such as being aware of each others mental health and happiness. But overall, lets hope this has highlighted some of the things that you can be aware.

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