Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear baby,

We’re just under six weeks until we finally get to meet you and wow! how much have we been through since seeing them two lines at only 4 weeks gone.

It’s not been a smooth ride has it little one? as happy as mummy was at the time of seeing them two lines you have caused nothing but worry. I’ve had this horrible gut feeling all the way through that something just isn’t right. You caused me to feel symptoms I’ve never felt before.

Quite honestly little legs you’ve put me off being pregnant again.

I hope all the changes around me and the stress I’ve been through haven’t harmed you in any way. I feel guilt and worry on how my stress levels will be affecting you and I’m so sorry.

Me and your dad had you all planned out, things were stable when you were conceived. We also moved into our first family home which caused us so much stress but happiness at the same time in the first month or so, but since then its been a rollercoaster. Life happened and circumstances changed. Mummy got more ill and daddy was struggling to find work and being in the middle of nowhere caused more stress on top of the worry we had with you.

I’ve wanted to enjoy this pregnancy and I wish I wasn’t so stressed and anxious as much as I have been. I’ve had no time to sit and bond with you as I’m battling all these things going on in my head. I wish I enjoyed feeling your kicks and rolls but I just haven’t until recently. I guess I’m more grateful to be able to feel movement and know that you’re okay in there.

With my first scare and admission to the hospital with you, I was on my own, with no transport and over a 40-minute journey to the hospital. I think I manage to experience every single emotion that day. Since then we’ve had a few more scares. You’re definitely keeping me on my toes!

I am so happy that recently, I got to see you nice and healthy on that screen. You even turned to look at me with your eyes wide open, showing off your new skill of learning to breathe which was incredible! Even if you was being awkward for the women scanning you. You’ve been awkward this whole pregnancy so I’m kind of getting used to that now.

You have the cutest pouty lips which you get from your dad! You are the absolute double of your brother, you two are going to look like twins growing up which I’m excited for. The two of you are going to cause so much mischief together.

You’re measuring small but mummy isn’t too worried. I’m just so reassured and happy that you’re a happy and healthy baby inside there despite everything that’s gone on around us. I just wish that you’d behave a little inside and stop giving mummy scares.

Logan, may be too young to understand what’s going on with mummy but I’m sure he is aware that you’re in my belly. You may hear mummy telling him off daily and you may feel him kick and pat my belly sometimes but I know you give him a good thump back! He can be so loving, he likes to give you plenty of cuddles and kisses and he loves to blow raspberries so prepare yourself for that when you’re born because I’m positive that it’ll be a regular thing!

The sad thing about this pregnancy is people aren’t as involved as they were with your brother. Some people have even forgotten that I’m pregnant. I know that this is a common occurrence when you have a second child but It annoys mummy and it has made me feel more protective with you. Only the people who truly matter will have the opportunity of meeting you when you’re born. Not a chance will anyone treat you differently or let you down.

I may have struggled to bond with you little one and had fears I wouldn’t be able to love you as much as I love Logan, but I know once we meet I’ll feel what I felt when I held your big brother for the first time.

Anyway, the countdown is on until you arrive. It’s scary but exciting to know your going to be here next month. It’s been a journey but I know you’re going to be worth it all.

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and find out if you’re a gorgeous little girl or another cute… But a mischievous little boy like your big bro!

I will love and protect you forever little legs.

Mummy x

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