Take Your Kids Out To Explore The World

When their single mother neighbour needed to rest, Barbara and Roger, a friendly elderly couple, offered to take her two young sons out of town for the weekend. It would be a fun few days, they thought, remembering the time when their children were the same age as the two boys. They packed light luggage for a weekend and borrowed their neighbours children’s car seats for the journey.

Barbara and Roger owned a little flat by the seaside. They hoped the fresh air would do the boys some good. As soon as they drove out of town, the boys began to point at the unknown landscape in amazement.
“Look at the big dog!” said one of them, Pointing at a cow in a field.
“Oh, and the little dogs in the garden” replied the other noting the sheep in another field.

The weekend continued on the same tone, with the boys expressing their surprise at the world around them. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered that fish didn’t come in small breaded rectangles but a variety of shapes and colours.

Their naivety could seem funny, But there’s more to it than a joke. Children who have no experience of the real world are unable to build connections with the people around them and can struggle with social development in later years. exploring the world and what it has to offer not only opens up children’s senses but also encourages independent thinking. As a parent, what are your options to help your child go further and to see more of life?


Teach them about wildlife

Climate change and increased pollution threaten the survival of the planet. The last thing you want is one day find yourself pointing at the picture of a familiar animal in a book and explain to your child that the species is long gone. That’s precisely where wildlife discovery can play a significant role in teaching your child to build a connection with nature.Without nature, there can be no life on the planet. Needless to say, the sooner you start teaching them to respect to plants, the bee’s and the animals the better it will be. A simple hobby can prove a fantastic platform for the lesson of life and respect. Taking your child to the local zoo during the holidays for instance. Offer not only an exploration into different life stories , but can also encourage social responsibilities. Ultimately, if your child understands how devastating garbage can be to living creatures on the ground and in the water, for instance, you can encourage positive habits. Similarly , gardening is another great alternative to show how much wildlife affects our everyday life. By highlighting the connections between your child and nature, you can help to make a difference in their social integration and their responsible thinking.

Choose a school that values exploration too

Their school experience should also encourage discovery and interactions with the external world. Indeed, as a parent you need to ensure that you can find a school that shares your values and encourage your child to become part of society. For instance, school trips play a significant role in offering children a monitored and safe platform for self-exploration and growth in a new environment. A school trip to the city can introduce children to new ideas and behaviours, as the get to discover the local attractions. Taking children outside of their typical classroom environment helps not only to establish new social rules but also shows them that knowledge is available in a variety of formats. As a result , children learn to pay attention to social cues for guidance.

Take them abroad on holiday

Taking your children on vacation is the best way to let them experience the world in its complexity. They get to see places that are very different from home and to gain a better understanding of other cultures. While not all locations are suitable for children, you’ll find that many popular destinations are family-friendly, which makes them a safe platform for cultural exploration. Exposing your children to the Indian, Italian or even French ways will create fantastic memories. But, more importantly, it will also help your child to understand that differences are not to be feared. You can actively contribute to making them more tolerant and open-minded in the process.

To come back to the two boys discovering animals they had never seen before, encouraging children to see and experience the different facets of the world can make a great deal of difference. You can not only show them how their behaviours affect their surroundings and other living creatures but also how to best interact with people and places they are not familiar with. The more children get to see, the better adjusted they are – socially, emotionally, and culturally – to make the most of their lives.

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