6 Printables Every Family Needs To Use

Photo by Nikiya Christie on Unsplash

When it comes to family life it can be difficult to keep in control of everything. Whether it’s organising who does the chores or ensuring your children are motivated to learn, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Whilst it may seem as though it is impossible to stay on top of absolutely everything, there are a number of different printables you can download to help you get things in order. Although it may seem like there is a printable for absolutely everything, only a number of them can really help when it comes to family. With that in mind, here are 6 printables you may want to download for your family:

A Daily Or Weekly Chore Chart

If you find it difficult to organise who is going to be doing what chore and on what day, finding a printable that helps you fill this out will definitely help. Once someone has completed their chore, they can cross it off on the chart. Not only will it allow you to see a week worth of chores as an overview, but it will give you a chance to track whether or not your kids are doing what they’re supposed to do. For inspiration when it comes to daily or weekly chore chart printables, you can visit this site here.

A Gold Star Chart For The Kids

Another great way to encourage your children to behave well is to use a gold star chart. Whenever your child does something that you think deserves praise, they can earn themselves a gold star and once they hit a certain milestone they can claim a prize. Whilst the prizes don’t have to be huge, the positive reinforcement will encourage your children to do good deeds.

Spelling And Numbers Practice

If you want to help your children when it comes to spelling and numbers practice, there are a whole host of different printables you can download online. Whether it’s fun games that help your children learn or activities for them to fill out when they’re home from school, you will find absolutely anything you need when it comes to learning. For spelling and numbers practice printables, you can visit this site here.

A Family Schedule

If you want to organise the whole family and keep track of everyone’s commitments in a calendar, having a weekly print out may be the best way to stay on top of things. With handy sections to fill out for each family member, everyone will know the plan for the entire week. If you are printing out a new schedule each week, you need to be sure you have a reliable printer with high-quality ink. For great deals on ink, you can visit 123inkjet Cartridges here.

Countdowns To Special Events

If you have a number of special events coming up and you want to help build your child’s excitement, why not print out a chart that helps you countdown to the big day? Whether you’re counting down to Christmas or their birthday, they will love colouring in the days as they pass.

A Positivity Journal

Finally, if you want to encourage your children to be more positive about everything they’re doing, there are lots of different positivity journals you can print out. Whether they use them every day or once a week, it will encourage your children to be grateful for what they have.

Are you looking for things you can print out and use with your kids? What do you think will help? Let me know in the comments section below.

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