The BEST pain relief for Labour. | Elle TENS 2 Review


It’s been a good while since I’ve done a personal blog post and shared my experience on my pregnancy. Well to give you all a quick update. I’ve had my baby! To watch the birth vlog click here.

My aim for the birth of my second child was to do it drug-free. With Logan I loved his birth, but if I could re-live the moment I’d go back in time and change a few things such as having pethidine. Now there’s nothing wrong with needing pain meds during labour, they do a great job of numbing the pain. However for me personally I hated feeling of not being fully ‘with it’ I felt like I were in a different world. I was so sleepy and high on life after my birth with Logan I ended up making bad decisions on his name, I also couldn’t get up and walk straight away and it took me a long while to shake that muzzy feeling off after having him. It didn’t just affect me either, because of the drugs used it took a toll on Logan as all he did were sleep. He wouldn’t wake for feeds, this were down to using pethidine.

With this birth I wanted things to be different, I wanted to do it as natural as possible. I used a TENs machine in the first stages of labour with Logan it were great up until around 7cm and it began to irritate me and not work as I found the machines the hospital had wasn’t that strong.

I were kindly gifted a TENS machine by Baby Care TENS. They sent out their product the Elle TENS 2. On recieving the package it shocked me on how small this device actually is! It was small enough to fit in a pocket making it easily portable. Which I thought were handy. It also came with a guide to a med-free labour with tips and tricks and how to use the machine. I loved that you can use it for other types of pains too such as postpartum recovery and period pains, so for the money it’s not just a product you can use the once you can carry on using it in the future also.

When it came to my induction day we gave the TENs machine a shot before any contractions started. Of course I didn’t try this on myself and tried this device for entertainment purposes on my birthing partners. As some of you are aware getting induced and just waiting around for it to kick in can be extremely boring so this little machine created great entertainment for us all and I truly believe that all the laughter it caused started my labour off! Anyway, I was getting to grips with what this little thing was capable of. To my knowledge when testing this machine out on my birth partners I didn’t have it on the highest setting not even close and they couldn’t deal with how powerful the shocks were!

Eventually contractions started for me, so it were my turn to test this machine out for what it’s made for. I have to say that the pads are super sticky which I were happy about as they stuck well to my very sweaty back! Once the pads were placed on I started at a low setting just high enough so I could feel it. It did wonders, it wasn’t painful and took that edge of them contractions. What I also loved about this machine which I found really handy and clever were it timed the contractions! Now I were already at the hospital but it gave me an idea that baby time were getting closer and closer but if I were at home using this I would of known when to set off to the hospital , all whilst having my pain under control.

Of course contractions came on in full force and I felt the need to push. I didn’t put the device in the highest setting but the boost button on the side… What a game changer that is. The shock that gives you is brutal but it works incredibly well when your contractions are coming on thick and fast. The boost button also times your contractions!

My midwife came into to check me and confirmed I were at 4cm dialated, I kept the machine on whilst waiting to go up to labour ward but just before the nurse came with the chair my water went. With the wires been in the way I took the pads off my back as electricals and water don’t sit right with me, I got a little worried it would break. It didn’t take long to get me to labour ward and by this point I were fully dilated so to get from 4cm to ready to push with just the TENS machine were amazing!

In a way, I wish I did take the device into the labour room with me as it was doing the job with taking the edge off but I’m happy that I did it drug-free up until I needed to push. I felt more in control with my body this time around which I loved.

Would I recommend this product to other mums?

Yes, I would 100% recommend this little but powerful device to other mums. It’s super easy to use, small enough to be portable and it does the job of getting you through them surges without pain relief. It also times contractions which as said above I think is super handy especially if you are at home and not sure if it’s the real thing or if you’re not sure when to go into hospital.

What’s included with the TENS machine?

In the box you get the TENS machine, Packet of electrodes, wires, carry case and two batteries, you also get the instruction manual which tells you how to set up the device as well as give information on the different modes and what they’re used for. My favourite part was the guide it comes with for drug-free labour, it has some handy tips on other ways you can use the TENS machine and also how to deal with pain by pressing on pressure points.

What are the different features on the Elle TENS 2?

So with this TENS machine you have two different modes. One being burst 1 and the other being burst 2. Burst 1 is designed to get you through the first stage of labour when you get them starter period type pains. It let’s off tingling sensations that feels like a massage. You have different frequency’s to make these tingles stronger as your pains come on. Burst 2 is the same but much more powerful then the settling on burst 1 as this setting is for them last stages of labour.

On the side of the device, you have a little button called boost. When you get a contraction you press this button and it increases the intensity of the machine but whilst doing that it also times your contraction which ha super handy!

Another feature this device has is the Opti-max. For me personally, I didn’t need to use this setting. This setting is used when using bursts. So if the setting you have on burst 1 or 2 isn’t strong enough for you pressing opti-max will give you more power.

If I could change anything about the TENS machine what would it be?

One thing I would change is to give out different info on how to place the electrodes. For me personally having two electrodes on my bra line did nothing for me but the two electrodes placed at the bottom did.

Another thing that may be handy is having an option to have it charged up by mains instead of it being battery operated, as a lot of women have long labours and them battery’s won’t last through it.

Overall I think this device is brilliant, I’m super happy that this helped me through my labour and I’m even happier that I can use it for postpartum pains also!

This device is priced at £75 which can seem pricey. But for all the different uses you can use it for after birth is brilliant. You can use it for postpartum pains, period pains, shoulder pains.. You name it. It has multi use and it’s powerful so for the price I think its reasonable.

Thanks again to BabyCare TENS for gifting me this product. If your unsure if to use a TENS machine I 100% think you should give it a try!

Did you use a TENs machine during your labour? Let me know in the comments below!

Product review video click here

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