Why The Rise Of The ‘Home Cook’ Is A Fantastic Trend

Of course, the idea of the ‘home cook’ is something that begets any form of ‘chef’ professionalism by thousands of years. Home cooking is often, pretty much, the de facto default version of ‘cooking’ itself. You will likely eat many more meals crafted within your home than you will at restaurants, unless you have a lavish taste for fine cuisine and a budget to match.

And yet, the rise of the ‘home cook,’ is still something to be celebrated. Not only is it a grudging duty performed by the homemakers of a household, but it’s now something that more and more people, across generational divides, are starting to find absolutely rewarding. There are many reasons as to why this is the case. But in a world where many things seem to be turning upside down and are becoming a cause for concern, this is a development that can only suggest positivity.

So, how can you become a better home cook? How can you use modern insights to inform your love of the kitchen? And more than any of that, how can you enjoy this process more? We think we have a few answers. Let’s explore them together:

YouTube Channels Are Exploding In Growth

There are many excellent YouTube channels out there, especially those in the culinary space. Binging With Babish is a weekly show dedicated to finding and recreating famous meals from pop culture such as movies and TV shows. For example, recreating the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction “Now this is a tasty burger!” or the Krabby Patty from the famous Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. This is nowhere near the end of the examples he uses, but it shows that if you’re hankering for something you see on TV, you needn’t have to approximate the ingredients.

Other YouTube channels, such as Tasty, Bon Appetit, or even Gordon Ramsay’s own YouTube channel, can open you up to a range of professional meals, interpretations, and exposure to new restaurants from around the world. If this doesn’t inform and motivate your home cooking ability, we’re not sure what will.

Convenience & Practical Tips

Never before have so many, from all walks of life, been able to gain practical cooking guides to help them jump out of novice hood. Not all of us know how best to craft certain recipes, or what spices and herbs go with certain meats or vegetarian dishes. Not all of us have our best shopping list in mind whenever we go grocery shopping. Some individuals, such as students, might have a deep budget to work with when purchasing their own items, yet still wish for a tasty meal they can whip up and enjoy in a pinch. This is where convenience and practicality can often rein supreme.

For example, the r/EatCheapandHealthy community on Reddit boasts over 1 million subscribers, as does r/MealPrepSunday. Discussing best practical advice, putting forth questions, and generally falling in love with practicality as well as food can help you understand that no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have to lay down, or what cooking utensils might be in your possession – you can craft a tasty, nutritious meal.

This is where the definition of ‘home cook’ can widen to encompass anyone who wishes to make the most of the food they can access. And that can only be a good thing. Up until now, we think of the ‘home cook’ as someone who enjoys baking artisanal sourdough on a Sunday while listening to Chopin, or perhaps making Whole Foods their only one-stop shop. As a home cook ourselves, we may have the goal of wearing beautiful chef-quality aprons from Richard Haworth, or having our own collection of cutting knives. But while fantastic, that doesn’t completely define what a home chef can be. The more people learn about cooking and how to empower themselves through food, the better.

Unearthing Cultural Cuisine

Never before have the borders of cultural cuisine become so blurred. Of course, pizza will always be an Italian creation, and curry will have always formed in the southern states of India. It’s important we give credit where it’s due, and also never lose the authenticity of certain dishes. Speak of putting cream into Spaghetti Carbonara, and a nearby Italian may find real, justifiable offense. And yet thankfully, never before have so many been willing to try new cuisines, to find the best places to explore new cuisines, to go a little out of their comfort zone to try new things and meet new people. Because after all, if food doesn’t bring people together, it’s not fulfilling its complete purpose.

With these tips, we hope you are better able to become your best ‘home cook’ self.

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