Alternative Days With Your Kids

When you have kids, you genuinely find yourself with a hectic schedule. You have so much to do at any given time, that it’s not all too surprising that you’re likely to create a routine that helps keep everything ticking over like clockwork. Routine is great for little ones. But it can also get a bit dull after time – particularly when it comes to weekends and holidays. If you find that every weekend is beginning to look the same as the last, and your little ones are getting irritable and restless, you may want to consider incorporating some alternative days out with your little ones. This will hugely benefit them – exposing them to new things to do and building their awareness and understanding of the world around them. Here are just a few ideas that can mix things up a bit!

Activity Farms

One place you might want to take your kids is Willows activity farm. This fun day out will introduce them to a host of new animals they might not have met face to face before. They also put on a range of activities that your little ones can get involved with, showing them how to grow vegetables, giving them a go on the trampoline, and (if you visit at the right time) even opening their eyes to a stunning fireworks display!


Not all activities have to take place outside of the house. You can have a great day indoors if the weather is bad and bake cakes! You can find kids-sized aprons and equipment like mixing bowls, whisks, spoons, and more. Just make sure you supervise your kids at all times while teaching them how to cook. You don’t want any injuries or burns. Find simple kid-friendly recipes and you’ll have a great time whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Bike Rides

If your children have bikes, why not head out for a nice bike ride. Avoid open roads by taking them to a park or nature reserve where they can safely practice cycling out in the open air. Make sure everyone has helmets and other necessary safety equipment to prevent accidents if anyone does fall off at some point or another.


Almost all kids love swimming. Especially if you take them to a child-friendly swimming pool with extra features like slides, fountains and wave machines. Even if your little ones can’t swim, you can still pop a pair of armbands on them and they’ll have the time of their life. Again, this is an activity that you will need to supervise your kids with – even if there’s a lifeguard present. This day out can help build valuable life skills, as it’s highly recommended that all children learn to swim independently.

These are just a few ideas for days out with the kids. There are plenty more out there, but hopefully, these will get you off to a good start. They’re relatively cheap and cheerful and they’ll keep your little ones occupied right through the weekend!

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