Helping Your Fur Baby Get Used To A Real Baby

It can be hard to know how an animal will react to something new. Dogs will often get excited when they meet a new person, but may be confused when they see a baby for the first time. Cats can be skittish and shy or brash and confident when they meet someone new, though a lot of cats will simply ignore a baby. Of course, though, whatever type of fur baby you have, it will be crucial that they are able to adjust to their new like once a baby hits the scene. They will lose some of the attention you give them, and this is just the start of the lifestyle changes they will have to endure.

Less Attention

One of the key issues which pets have when a baby enters the home is the attention they get. It won’t take too long for them to get used to the baby taking the limelight, though this is can be a difficult time for them. In the run up to the baby coming home, it can be worth giving your pets less attention. This will give you the chance to ease them into the new way of things, without having to manage a baby at the same time. It can be hard to do this when you’re spending a lot of time at home, but will be well worth it, even if you have to deal with a grumpy animal for a little while.


While your pet may be unsure or excited about the new friend which has entered their home, they will soon get used to the new arrival. You will need to give them the opportunity to spend time around the little one, though. A pet should never be left alone with a baby, as they can easily hurt your small human, and they don’t have to be angry or have malicious intent for this to happen. At first, this should only happen for a few minutes at a time, and you should keep your eyes open to ensure that your baby isn’t getting scared. Most parents will know what they shouldn’t let their pets do to their child.


The health of your pet can have a direct impact on your baby. Fleas, for example, can bite a small child, causing uncomfortable sores and even having the chance to lead to live changing conditions. Flea treatments for cats and dogs can be found all over the web. Along with parasites, you should also make sure that your pet has been to the vet recently, as things like skin conditions, infections, and other illnesses can have a negative effect on a baby. A lot of pet owners will already be taking this sort of action.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of helping your pet get used to a baby. It’s never easy to introduce an animal to something new, though you should be able to put everything into place to make it nice and safe.

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